My Sweet Marie

3 Parties, 1 Tank Of Gas!

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Saturday was a busy day for Denis and I! We had 3 different things to go to in Essex County and we made the most of it, I think by doing it all in one tank of gas! I heard of so many people who had more than one thing happening on Saturday, I know we weren’t alone on the 401, that’s for sure! We filled the tank and headed for stop#1!

We headed out for Windsor to visit our new nephew Joachim, a 2- month old baby boy who is just so cute! Of course when we arrived he was sleeping like any baby would do! Why is it when we want them awake, they take a nap? It never fails, does it? It did give Denis and I a chance to visit with Lise, his youngest sister, Maman to Joachim! We covered everything from toilet paper to immigration in that visit, and solved most of the world’s problems too! All that and a cinnamon bun! What more could you ask for in a visit, oh how about a baby to goo over? Finally he woke up, I still say the cinnamon bun woke him! Kids always know when Mom is eating! We got in a nice visit with him, we both took turns snuggling and cooing and soon we were off to party#2!

We headed to Belle River to a party for my Aunt Sue’s 65th birthday. This has been a particularly tough year for Sue as she is battling the fight of her life, ovarian cancer. It was nice for her to be able to celebrate something for a change! It was a surprise party and we were late for the surprise but never-the-less, she was happy to see us, if her big hug was any kind of sign! I felt I got in a good visit with her along with many aunts and cousins. Some of my cousins I had to actually ask what their names were, that’s how long it’s been! That is so sad! I’ve told you how large my family is but my extended family is even larger! I have 12 aunts/uncles and their spouses just on my mother’s side! They all have kids so you get the picture! I digress, the party was very nice, many people showed up to celebrate Sue’s big birthday and a delicious barbecue was served up pronto!

The next partywe headed to, was a welcome home party for Whitney, my niece that spent 4 weeks in Swaziland! She went on a nursing co-op and was joined by many of her classmates and they had a wonderful trip. She learned a lot and shared a few stories with us and showed us  some of the souvenirs that she collected while there! The pictures were amazing, I didn’t realize how pretty it was there. All we ever hear in the media is how poor it is there but rarely do we hear much about the beauty. She did spend time with some very poor souls and helped them out. In so many of her photos she is holding children, I liked that. That’s who needs it the most in my eyes. I am such a sucker for children…maybe you’ve noticed? The party was nice, got to see all of my siblings and a few of the kids. Most people at the party had already been to another party or were on their way to another! It really was a busy day for so many of us! We left the party with hugs all around, our bag of fresh leaf lettuce a parting gift from Michelle, Whitney’s Mom! She has a garden full of it!

Getting back on the 401 we headed for our final destination…Home Sweet Home!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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