My Sweet Marie


Posted on: June 25, 2011

Friday night I was invited out to a Keno game with a bunch of cackling, crazy women! What a riot; these women get together once a month for a game of chance and a night of nibbling and giggling! Nibbling and giggling there was too! Diane was the hostess with the mostest, her table all dressed up with wine glasses, fancy dishes and cutlery and treats galore!

She had these huge strawberries dipped in chocolate that looked divine and I heard were great, I didn’t dare try them as my milk allergy can cause me some embarrassing problems! She had fruit, cheeses, crackers, nuts, chips, candy and a Prince William cake! I must get the recipe for that and post it for you all as it is so worth the calories. I only had a nibble as it is covered in chocolate and I believe there are butter biscuits in it but I waited till I got home and took a bite! (She sent us all home with two pieces as she forgot to serve it!)

When Julia picked me up earlier in the evening I asked her what to expect and she went over the game and the rules. I said, so I should be careful not to curse then? She kind of smiled and see “I’ll let you be the judge of that”! Ah, she wasn’t kidding, there was no worry to let out the odd this or that when someone shouted ‘Keno’, there was a round of those words! What a hoot!

They play for prizes which makes  it that much more competitive. They write down the name of the prize on pieces of paper and when you win a round you pick a slip of paper of your choosing. Once all the papers are gone then you steal and these women are ruthless! I had 3 pieces of paper at one time and then they were all gone! There were some good prizes too, garden items seemed to be theme! I brought a garden girlfriend, she was a cutie and Deb ended up with her! She also ended up with the solar garden girl who lights up at night, there were 2 of these and they were highly fought over! Julia went over with a garden sun, very cool, it’ll look great in her lovely gardens or on her deck!

I learned so much of these ladies that I didn’t know. Margaret, who I didn’t put a day over 60’sh said she’d met her husband on the English Channel and they’ve been married 47 years…wow really? That took the topic of where everyone met their spouses and how long they’ve been together. That was really neat! Of course they were all talking at once so I only got a few stories but still, very cool!

The other hot topic of the evening was Julia’s new friend, Sir Lancelot. Julia hasn’t been in the dating world in a very long time so everyone was teasing her and giving advice and she took it very well! It has to be nerve-racking to be new on the dating scene and your girlfriends find out that you are dating again! She took a few hits, some very funny and I am sure Diane is explaining to her neighbors now what all the cackling was about!

At the end of the night, they determined there’d be no more Keno till October because of all the travel these ladies will be doing in the near future. I sure hope I get invited again as I had a blast, these ladies are funny, generous, kind and most of all, they all love each other. What a group to be welcomed into!

Sweetest Regards,

Sweet Marie


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