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On The Road Again…

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Yesterday we went on a road trip with Anita and Tom to Ann Arbor to visit Paulette and Glen and to go on a Fairy tour! Do you know about the urban fairies in Ann Arbor? Go to to check it out! Let me start at the beginning!

We picked Anita and Tom up bright and early and headed for the border in Port Huron. We had a bit of a wait so we spent the time catching up with each other. When you don’t see each other often, there’s lots to catch up on, family, kids, grand-kids, friends, work etc. After our interrogation with our border guard, we were on our way.

Upon arrival at Paulette and Glen’s, they had margaritas chilling, cold beer and snacks! What more could we ask for? We relaxed for a while then headed for the bus stop. That’s right, we took the city bus downtown and did our version of a patio crawl! Actually the guys spent more time on the patios then we did, we chicks wanted to check out the fairy doors.

The Fairy doors are art installations that you see in different stores, cafes or restaurants. The first one we saw was in this very cool gallery. The art was unbelievable, great stuff, all mediums of art and the Fairy door was outside on the wall.  They are little doors with windows, some have actually opening doors, you look in and can only imagine how a Fairy can live in such a tiny space. We saw some little girls peering in them and they were talking all about what the fairies must be doing etc. It was adorable. Now keep in mind that you have to get right down on the ground to see them, so it ain’t always pretty to be a bystander! They were very neat, we Ya-Ya’s got pretty excited about this!

I was surprised to not see more of them, if I were a vendor I’d take advantage of any attraction to my store. We shopped in every store that had a fairy door and I think at least one of us made a purchase in each of the stores.  Next time I go, I hope there’ll be many more! What an adventure.  

Eventually we made it back to the patio scene to find the guys at Grazi’s, nibbling on calamari and we joined in with a pitcher of sangria! It was the perfect drink for a sunny afternoon! I couldn’t believe the beautiful weather and the variety of restaurants, bars, patios to choose from. We had to move on to another!

After splitting up with the guys again, we found a couple more fairy doors and eventually we made our way towards where the guys were. What did we do before texting? We decided on cuban food and it was a good call! We ended up at Cafe Habana. I would highly recommend it!

Not long later,we cabbed it back to G&P’s place in the wildest cab ever. At first I thought we were in the cash cab but alas I was wrong. That would have been fun and  with all the trivia buffs in the car, we would have won! Instead we had to settle for a game of hand and foot, a 6 person card game which takes a bit of brain power and which turned out to be a struggle for some of us after all the beverages! The guys won, which means they cheated… hey it’s my blog!

After a nice breakfast and many hugs later, we headed back on the road again, for Canada this time.  I am so grateful for any time I can spend with the Ya-Hoos( Ya-Ya + Yoo-Hoo’s= Ya-Hoo’s) and am so glad we were able to find a weekend that worked for all of us!

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "On The Road Again…"

Pub crawling, finding fairy doors,eating, drinking all of that was wonderful,
but being able to spending time together….. priceless 🙂
Can’t wait to do again.
Hugs Paulette

I couldn’t agree more..

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