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Muldoon’s Pizza

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Recently Denis and I took Heidi out on a ‘date’. We call it a date as it was just us and her. No parents, no brothers, just the three of us! She of course wanted pizza and I have been dying to try out Muldoon’s. I have driven by it a million times, been in there once for a quick call when I was in the food industry but never had pizza there. So we thought what better time to give it a go!

We picked up Heidi and she was unsure if she wanted to come(after weeks of begging for a date and sleepover!!) We promised her that we would take her home, if that’s what she wanted, after dinner so she decided to join us. We sat down and I asked her what she’d like to drink, her reply “can I have chocolate milk?” Of course you can we both reply! She was debating between the spaghetti or pizza and in the end when the waitress came, she said pizza. Now normally she’d have olives, pepperoni or ham and mushrooms but on this day, she wanted only cheese.So that’s what she got! We had been working in the garden all day so it was just easy to say “Hawaiian for us”. They had a huge variety to choose from and we have said we’re going back to try a different one next time.

Her pizza arrived first and she was so excited to get her own! It was a dinner plate sized pizza just for her! She ate more than half of it! By the oohs and ahhs coming out of her, I think she’d recommend the children’s menu. We thought our pizza was delicious. The crust was just thick enough, I don’t like it too thin where it tastes like cardboard, nor do I like it so thick that it tastes like bread, like Goldilocks, we found it just right. The toppings were a bit sparse but considering how cheap it was, we will order double toppings next time! Really I would recommend this place if you like a homemade pizza! I really don’t care for cookie cutter pizzas made by chains where each pizza looks identical to the next!

Their menu was fairly extensive with pastas, pizzas, salads and soups. They had a great kids menu and although they had desserts, we opted to go for a ride for ice cream! So if you’re looking for a small family run restaurant for a quiet, relaxed dinner, give Muldoon’s a try, you might be pleasantly surprised! You’ll find it at 925 Wonderland Rd. S, just south of Westmount Mall, here in London,ON.

For the record, after ice cream, we went to the park and Heidi decided to sleep over after all. We went home, watched a movie(RIO) and then it was bedtime for her! And for breakfast the next morning we had our leftovers of cold pizza, nothing like it!

Next time you’re feeling like pizza, give Muldoon’s a try to let me know what you think!

Sweet Marie


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