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So Long, Farwell Oprah!

Posted on: May 26, 2011

Today I watched the last episode of Oprah and I cried like a baby! I cried for many reasons including the fact that I will miss Oprah! Some of you will say that’s sad seeing that I don’t know her! Truth is, I have learned a lot from her. I have learned that I am worth it! I am worthy of love. I am worthy of peace and I am worthy of respect! I strive for all these things in life and I hope you do too! You are worthy too!

The one thing I got from today’s show is a quote “Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space” . Think about that statement now, do you get it? When you are in someone else’s space, someone else’s home, office or even just in their personal space in a check out line, do you bring positive or negative energy? Expect positive energy from everyone and carry only positive energy, it can only bring you positive things. 

Over the years, I have learned from her guests too, like Dr.Phil, Dr.Oz…who knew poop would be discussed on daytime tv? This is when I learned my “poop’ issues were not normal and I figured out that I had allergies affecting my health! If not for Oprah, I would still be having these issues today.

Almost three years ago, I was working for Real Women Magazine and I organized a campaign to collect pyjamas for the less fortunate kids at Christmas. We raised 1700 pairs of PJ’s. For that I will forever be proud of, that 1,700 kids had new jammies that Christmas morning. This idea was inspired by a woman I saw on the Oprah Show who had collected socks for kids, and I thought that was so fabulous. I spoke with our local Children’s Aid and I couldn’t imagine that so many kids had no jammies so I got involved. This is what Oprah did, she got people thinking and involved, you gotta love that!

I can’t tell you how many times Denis, my hubby would say “Don’t you Oprah me!” Secretly I loved that he did that because it meant I was as smart as Oprah! And usually it ended in us discussing the issue at hand at greater length. So yes, Oprah, you even strengthened my marriage! I have known you for almost as long as my hubby! Thanks for the tips!

So girlfriend, I wish you well, and my wish for you is a peaceful new life where you are not working so hard and perhaps have less responsibility on your very loving heart!

My Sweetest Regards,

Sweet Marie


4 Responses to "So Long, Farwell Oprah!"

funny my husband Greg will say oh where did you hear that on Oprah???
I will miss her also, I actually would schedule work/activities around her show, I think we loved her so b/c in spite of her fame & fortune she was real,she suffered oepenly with weight/food issues and many can relate to that,besides the great inspirational shows she platformed,watch own station it is good,thanks for sharing Marie, love you Colly/Oxford,Mi

Right on…she is inspirational and what about the ah-ah moments? too many to share!

I watched the very first Oprah show in Nova Sotia where I lived at the time with another military wife Susan. We were having coffee after dropping my youngest off at school. We both agreed at the time it was better then Phil Donahue and she might get 3 years out of it. Little did we know 25 years later she was still going strong. She helped every woman some in little ways and others a bigger impact . She was a friend at 4 p.m. that dropped in.

She sure was. She helped out a lot of marriages, parenting advice, friendship advice, she had it all! she did it in a way that I admire, she wasn’t boastful or condesending, she was loving in her treatment of all guests, I loved that!

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