My Sweet Marie

Our Night With One Of Our Princesses!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Heidi, our 4-year-old grand-daughter had been begging for a sleepover at Meme and Pepe’s place for weeks. Finally we found a date that worked for us all and Saturday afternoon, Denis and I, picked up Heidi for our date. When we got there, she was hiding from us, at first I thought it was a game but no, she was hiding because she didn’t want to go! What??? Now, let me preface this with the fact that Heidi has had many sleepovers at our house since she was a baby! She loves coming over because she knows the treatment is pretty good so where did that come from? Who knows! So we decided that she’d come for pizza with us and then maybe she’d come home afterwards. We brought the overnight bag just in case!

So all the way to pizza place, Mulligan’s, she told us she wanted to go home right after dinner. We agreed that,  that would be fine. So at dinner she was totally back to herself and having a good time, giggling and bouncing back from sitting next to me, then Denis. After dinner Denis asked her if she wanted to go home or go for a ride to get ice cream? Uh hello…what do you think she said? Right, ice cream it was! Of all the flavours she could have, she picked rainbow sherbet! Too funny, what a kid! She managed to put away a good-sized cone and that was after eating a good portion of pizza!

So we finish our ice cream and I said, well Heidi, do you want to go to Springbank park or go home? Hmmm, let’s go to the park. Ok, off we go. We spent an hour at the park and we had to drag her away! She looked like a dust bunny from running all over the sandy playground, going up and down a gazillion slides! Back at the car, we ask her, are we dropping you off at home or do you want to sleep over at our place? She said, let’s go to your house Memmmer! Memmer, who is that?

So while Heidi had her bath, we set up the futon for her and got out the trouble game. She loves this game! Of course she won by a mile, like every child should! I don’t feel the need to teach a 4 year-old the lesson of losing graciously! Let her win in my books! After the game we went in to watch a movie and finally it was bedtime! This kid is so easy to get to bed. She likes two stories, brush the teeth, not necessarily in that order either, and off to bed she goes! We didn’t hear a peep out of her, no tears and all was well! I said to Denis, huh, that was easy eh?

First thing in the morning she said “Meme, we didn’t call my mom last night” and I said You’re right, let’s call her now. So she did and her father answered. She talked calmly to him for a minute and asked for her Mom. Her mother gets on the line and she starts to bawl! Sheesh, you’d think we’d been beating her! I thought hey little princess, what’s up with that? But really, we forget that she’s just a little girl and she misses her Mommy when she’s away from her, no biggie! I am just so grateful for the time I do get to spend with her and the other grand-kids!

So that’s one story from my long weekend. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Sweet Marie


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