My Sweet Marie

Long Weekend…Whoot Whoot!

Posted on: May 20, 2011

So my American readers, for us Canadians it’s Victoria weekend, and to us that means cleaning the backyard, opening pools, planting the annuals and getting all that lawn furniture out from winter storage! I love this weekend. When we were younger it meant camping and drinking our faces off but I am so over that! We haven’t done that in like a couple of weeks! LOL I’m kidding of course, we haven’t camped this weekend in twenty years at least! What does Victoria weekend mean to you? Does anybody celebrate queen Victoria’s birthday? Can’t say I’ve ever done so. But thanks for the long weekend!

Ok so some of you are saying , you’re unemployed what’s the big deal? Well, even though I am unemployed I still appreciate weekends and spending time with my husband and kids who are off for the weekend! Tomorrow we will tackle the yard together, get the furniture out and set up the campfire and hope for good enough weather to have a campfire! We won’t be opening the pool due to a repair that needs fixing and that’s another day’s blog!

We also will be having Heidi over for a sleepover. She loves these as she is the center of attention, and gets all the toys, not having to share with her brother or cousin! We plan on taking her out for pizza as I’m sure we won’t be up to cooking after the to-do list is done! She loves pizza and believe it or not, she loves all things on it, even things I don’t like! The child loves green olives on her pizza, how many kids do you know that like that? Not me, that’s for sure!

So whatever your plans entail, be it gardening, pool opening or camping, please be safe, be kind to your back and have fun! I would love to hear what you have planned and where you’ll be! For the travellers, please drive safe and remember the police will be out in force this weekend!

Sunny regards,

Sweet Marie


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