My Sweet Marie

My Baby Passat….

Posted on: May 16, 2011

My Baby is in the shop for repairs…seems I had a little trouble this weekend! I have told you before how I am a bit challenged with technology, well my car knowledge is right up there with technology! I love this car, I have owned many cars in the past, vans, trucks and cars but this one is by far, my favourite! I hate when anything happens to it!

So here’s the story….on Friday night we were headed out for our walk and I find Denis standing beside my car. He says “Marie how did your car run today?”. I told him it ran just fine, why? Well, look at it, its leaning here on the driver’s side. Hmmm…that can’t be good, can it? No better call the dealership in the morning. So off we go on our walk without a thought of it again till morning.

In the morning, I call Dalmar and as per usual, I get very good service, they tell me they are booked up but if I can get in the parking lot Sunday night,they’d have a look Monday morning sometime. They did. When the phone rang, I was a bit worried, as I wasn’t sure what was wrong!

Greg says I have good news and bad…I hate when they start a conversation that way! UGH, give me the good news I say. Good news is we found the problem, you’ve broken a spring! Oh dear, that can’t be good is my reaction. He said no that is not good but lucky for you, it’s still under warranty! Phew, big phew! He asked me if I drove the car to the shop or did I have it towed? I told him I drove it and he said I got really lucky as I could have lost a tire…oops, told you I wasn’t too bright about cars! Somebody was watching over me again! Man I keep those angels busy!

Oh, so what’s the bad news? I say. Well, bad news is we don’t have the part and it won’t be in till Wednesday! UGH…so I’ll be walking everywhere for the next few days. Rain or shine! No biggie.

So folks, keep an eye on your car or as Melanie would say, “get in tune with your car!” I am going to try to do that just as soon as I get her back!

Sweetest Regards,

Sweet Marie


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