My Sweet Marie

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Posted on: May 8, 2011

I don’t know if you are as lucky as me to have a Mom like mine, if so, count your blessings! What is the first word that pops in your head when you think Mom or Mother? Quick, first word? Mine is love. My mother is the epitome of love. She oozes love. Anytime I talk to her or spend time with her, I feel the love! What’s so ironic is for years I thought I was her favourite, as it turns out, so did my other seven siblings! Too funny, she is remarkable in her sharing of love.

When I first married and very broke, she would send us care packages. They’d be filled with produce, bread, meat and staples, all the expensive things that were treats to us! That inspired me eventually to send care packages to people who’ve had babies, or are new to living on their own, or are elderly and can’t be bothered to cook. All this and much more, I learned from my mother.

I am lucky in the way that I am surrounded by Mommies,Moms, Mas, Mothers, Mums and Mamans. They are my daughters,sisters, aunts, friends, neighbors and let’s not forget the in-laws too! All of whom will be spending the day honouring their mothers or are themselves being honoured! Personally I got my phone calls today from my daughters and next sunday we’re all getting together to celebrate together! I look forward to doing that with my daughters, who are both Mommies! It’s a joy to see your children become parents and treat their children so kindly and lovingly!

My day-trip to Mom’s was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances but non the less, I did speak with her at length and got to hear the most remarkable story! You see my Mother grew up not knowing her father, a rarity in her generation, and it has always nagged at her. This week she helped reunite a grown man to his birth Mother. It took a few phone calls and some really good luck; but it happened for this grown man who has been searching for his birth Mother for years. That was my Mom’s favourite mother’s day gift!

I’m not sure how you spent your Mother’s Day but I hope it involved sunshine, love and of course, good food!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


4 Responses to "Happy Mother’s Day!!"

hi there, what a beautful piece Marie, went to visit Mom Sunday and time slipped away sitting on her porch just the 2 of us, she is very loving and has a big heart, have a nice day love your big Sis, Colly

Glad you got to see her! I will have to try again in a few weeks!

The gift of sharing was seldom spoken ot loud at our house but evidents of it was seen almost daily. from the care packages to the kids ,possibly a neighbor that needed help or a family down on their luck Mum would quietly and graciously hand out some food or cash and sometimes even a job in the kitchen.Mothers are in fact the most powerful people out there and should thanked 365 days a year. I have the good fortune of having a family full of great mom’s. To my mom,sisters,daughters,wives(he-he)and all the mothers I know keep it up we all need you. sorry a little late

Thanks for sharing Andre and yes to all of it!

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