My Sweet Marie

Holding People To Their Word

Posted on: April 19, 2011

Today I had routine service done to my car. That’s right my precious Passat needed her timing belt renewed. There’s 105,000 klicks on my baby and I wanted to get this repair done before I did some serious damage to her. So with my all-inclusive quote in hand, I made my appointment and as per usual the people at Dalmar’s were courteous and said yes that was the price, bring her in!

So in I go to pick her up and am faced with a bill that is $150 more than planned. I very politely questioned it as I am unemployed right now and sadly that is a lot of money to me. They explained that the belt damper needed replacing too and that’s where the extra $150 comes in. I said do you always replace the damper when doing this job? Why yes we do, was the reply. I then very respectfully asked ” then why did you not put it in my quote?” he said well I probably did..let’s have a look, who did this quote up for you? I replied again still very nicely, Well lookie there, it was you! Hee-hee to myself of course. He said you’re right, we’ll credit that amount. Now that is customer service!

I must say the service here is impeccable, my car always goes home washed, hand washed, and not smelling of garage! The service people explain things in basic english as I will admit, car language is a bit foreign to me. I wish my brother Andre could be with me every time I need service! He would be able to explain what a belt damper is to me…as long as it’s new and it’s working, I am a happy camper!

So, the moral of the story is stick to your guns. Be respectful and give the person serving you the proper amount of time to think it through and don’t put them on the defensive. Treat people with kindness and you will be rewarded justly. that’s my sermon for today, go out and prosper people!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


2 Responses to "Holding People To Their Word"

well done, questioning the extra cost saved you some serious cash. It’s great that you have confidence in the shop your using and goes to show that customer driven businesses are in fact out there.Your relationship with your mechanic or garage owner is as important as your relationship with your hairdresser,doctor or any proffesional who delivers a service to you. Remember your vehicle is an important part of your life, treat it well and find people you can trust. You will spend more money on a car in a lifetime than your home so treat it respectfully as well as those who service it.By the way you can always call for advice but it looks like you have it handled.BRAVO to you.

Thansk Andre and yes I will call for advice…often!

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