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Who Will You Vote For?

Posted on: April 17, 2011

I know it’s confusing with all the ads on tv and the radio of who not to vote for but if you really listen hard the candidates are talking. Look up their websites, read about their platforms and decide who is right for you. Never mind what others are saying or all the negative ad campaigns, ask yourself what you’d like to see in our next Prime Minister?

What are your hot topics? Education, child care, old age support, employment, healthcare, what are your hot topics? Please write to me and tell me.We all have the power to pick a party that serves our causes, our needs. Look at all the parties and their platforms and pick one that is right for you.

People of all ages in Canada take for granted that in Canada they can vote with no problem whatsoever! There are many countries where women still today cannot vote and some countries where nobody but the leader get a vote! We have men and women fighting to make sure that here in Canada we have a right to vote, not to mention we are supporting other countries in this effort!

Women have been voting in Canada (except for Quebec) since 1918, this is our right and we should all be using it to make sure our government is serving our purpose. We cannot complain a year after elections that we don’t like what our government is doing if we don’t vote!

The young people today are a huge majority of the population, please do your part and vote for the party that you believe will serve Canada well. Go online and do your homework and decide who is right for you! I don’t care who you vote for, just vote please!

Remember May 2nd is Elections Day, be sure to show up!!

Sincerest regards,

Sweet Marie


2 Responses to "Who Will You Vote For?"

without people out there voting it leaves the doors open for another minority government which means we’ll see another election in the near future.Vote or sit silently when the results come in.

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