My Sweet Marie

Cheap Charlie’s

Posted on: April 16, 2011

You know you’re getting old when you wake up in the morning and say let’s go for a ride! We ended up in Port Huron and did some Easter shopping. We hit the early bird specials at Kohl’s then went out for lunch! We found this great spot for you all! If you’re ever in Port Huron, you must try this place out! It  features many american style meals and they are all homemade!! Truly yummy food!

We hadn’t barely sat down before a basket of popcorn was placed in front of us, how cool is that? Can’t say I’ve seen that in Canada! Our server, Patrick was as friendly as could be and brought us our unsweetened tea lickety split! I love the unsweetened tea, why can’t we get this here? We perused the menu and I decided on, and here’s a shocker, the fish sandwich! I know, I know, I always get fish!! I cannot pass on local fish tho! Denis ordered the Wyatt Urp sandwich, all the menu items had neat names! Mine was Ma Barker. I should have asked where all the names come from!

Not long after ordering,our food arrived hot and ready to eat!! I asked for cutlery as we didn’t have any, and he looked at us funny! I said you know, tools? He hesitated for just a second and said, silverware? Right, I love that we live so close, speak the same language but we have different sayings or phrases then our American friends! He had a little chuckle and that’s when he asked if we’re Canadians! Yep, we sure are,eh!

 My sandwich turns out is a long piece of walleye, on a long garlic toasted hoagie bun, can you say Heaven? I don’t eat a lot of bread so when I get it, I sure appreciate it!! It came with fries, which were fresh-cut and a scoop of cole slaw. The cole slaw was like the Stoney Point Tavern’s. If you remember it, it was a chopped slaw, not shredded and had a creamy dressing. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought it the same salad, again heaven!! Denis’ sandwich was on the same type of hoagie, it was a ham, bacon and swiss sandwich! He said it was delish! It looked it too!

Our experience at Cheap Charlie’s was a friendly one. Patrick shared a story where he once took a young lady all the way to London, Canada! He said he took her out to dinner to a nice Italian place and they had such a nice time. I’m thinking it was Felini Koolini’s. Great place in London, if ever you’re out this way!

Well, if you’re ever out to Port Huron doing a little shopping, hit Kohl’s then drop in to Cheap Charlie’s for a refreshing drink and some chow! They are both in the same parking lot! In fact, I think next time Denis will go in and have a beer, watch a game on one of their many big screens and I can do a little more shopping! Check out their menu on their website

Overall, great experience, prices were $7-15 for full meals, and a huge selection of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, sides etc. The bathrooms were clean, staff were very friendly and service was fast!


Sweet Marie

*** Stoney Point Tavern was a restaurant owned by my parents.


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