My Sweet Marie

Just Another Day In The Life Of Sweet Marie

Posted on: April 6, 2011

Today started out like any other normal Wednesday morning. I was sure it was going to be ok until I saw the snow then I knew it was going downhill from there! I had my breakfast and off to the gym I went! The driving wasn’t so bad, it really wasn’t cold enough to be a real problem.

So upon arrival at the gym, I noticed Julia wasn’t there yet..hmmm I said to myself, that speed demon always beats me here! I asked around the locker room and it was official, she was a missing person. You see Julia is never late, sick or missing…there was something fishy going on, I was sure of it. So I went to class anyhow thinking that if she were sick she’d have a replacement…nope no replacement..hmm..everyone is looking at me so I went upstairs to reception to see if she’d call in sick. Nope, no phone calls, so I said maybe you should call and check on her, so they did to no avail, no answer. what? I go back to the class and the whole group says Anne-Marie you lead us, we’ll follow, Julia will show up soon! So I borrowed some music from the aqua fit teacher and away I went!

Let me just say there is a big difference in being in a fitness class and leading a fitness class! Lordy I was pathetic, the stereo alone was a nightmare to figure out with its pitch and all these buttons! You know me and technology!  We grapevined and ham string curled our little hearts out! We had some good laughs and made up a few moves along the way but we kept moving until 45 minutes later Julia showed up! Her power had gone off and she slept in! Wow, that’s a good sleep in! She couldn’t believe it when she got there and I was leading the class, she says “Why am I not surprised to see you doing this?” 

Julia came in and took over, thank God, and the class was back on track in no time! She was very proud that we had started without her and couldn’t believe we lasted that long. I only lost one lady but she’s a newbie and likely thought me nuts or a loser teacher. The rest of the class knows me and know that I am no instructor and were glad to just keep moving till Julia got there!

I think tomorrow I will call Julia before heading out for the gym!!

My sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine


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