My Sweet Marie

Congrats Al…

Posted on: April 5, 2011

What do you say to someone who is retiring after 50 years with the same boss? Do you sing for he’s a jolly good fellow? Do you say congratulations? Farewell?  Denis’ boss will be retiring tomorrow after 50 years with the federal government. He’s been a great boss in so many ways. He inspires the people around him to work and get the job done and do it well and to get along while doing so.

The one thing I really love about Al is, he’s a bit of a joker. He loves to pull pranks on people and I will really miss the stories at dinner time. Denis often comes home with stories and we have a good chuckle. One such evening we were laughing at Al having pulled a fast one on one of his co-workers, I said you know, somebody should get that guy some day!! So the plan began…Denis got talking with a few guys at work and soon the plan was set.

I was chosen as the person to go shopping. I picked out the largest pair of panties I could find. Then I sullied them with a bit of mustard and ketchup…ewww… I know!! The plan was we were all going to meet for breakfast and Linda(his wife) and I were invited. (That should have been his first clue!) Linda was in on the plan and had her acting skills all set to go! We all had breakfast and then out we went to our cars. Right on cue, Linda opened the glove box and found the rather large panties! With all the guys watching, she started yelling at him, that he must be having an affair and how dare he? Finally he spotted someone laughing and realized he was being played so he tossed the undies out the window and off he went. at first he didn’t think nearly as funny as we did.

So that afternoon I couldn’t wait for Denis to get home to see how the fall out went…well he said, he took it in stride and we had a good laugh with it. Denis says,” the weirdest thing happened on the way home tho, some guy was honking his horn at me and giving me the thumbs up! What’s up with that?” I replied, maybe he liked your manly truck!! So, after a couple of hours of him being home, my neighbor Heather calls up and says that something is hanging on the back of the truck and people keep stopping and laughing. She said maybe we should go check it out.

So we go outside and lo and behold, hanging on the back of the ‘manly’  truck is a sign that says ” keeping Canada Green, I’m air drying my panties!” And hanging with the sign are the panties from Al’s glove box!! Too funny, we laughed for hours and still laugh every time we think of it!! Nobody’s pulled any pranks on Al since! They are too afraid of the revenge factor!

Seriously though, we are very happy for Al, finally going to be able to just relax and do whatever it is his big heart desires! I see many a road trips, air shows and lots of reading on that Kindle of his!!  Whatever the plan, Al I hope you will take good care of yourself and have lots of fun and don’t forget about us, we still expect to see you and Linda around!!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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