My Sweet Marie

Girlfriend Fun

Posted on: April 2, 2011

My husband Denis is my best friend in the world, my confidant and my biggest supporter! Having said that, there’s nothing like a girlfriend!  I have my neighbor friends, then there are my friends from the food industry, we call ourselves the ‘Foodies’! Then there are my friends from the Fitness Forum who inspire me to keep keeping on! Finally, there are my Ya-Ya’s; these are the two women who have been my friends for over 30 years each! They know every nuance, secret or detail of my life!

 My Ya-Ya’s are the two women who I get away most often with, we travel well together and you always know you will have fun! You are guaranteed to laugh, relax and get a little goofy!! A couple of years ago we headed to Bayfield. Having done business in Bayfield for sometime I knew the territory well, where to eat, where to stay and where to play!! We met at Anita’s place, loaded the cooler and headed to Timmy’s for a cup o’ Joe for the road!  We each loaded our favorite cds into my cd player and we were on the road again!

Upon arrival in Bayfield we parked in the center of the village and started walking the strip. We found some great stores to shop in and browse. I picked up a Christmas ornament at Bayfield General Store and now every year when I decorate my tree I think of our special time in Bayfield! By the time we got to the Martha Ritz we were thirsty so we got ourselves seated on the patio and ordered ourselves some margaritas! They hit the spot after all the walking we had done. Having had a very tasty lunch and fully sated we decided to skip dessert and keep on walking.

Having covered the whole of Main St. we found ourselves at The Albion where we went in for some refreshments, some of you may have opted for a tea or maybe a coffee but on this hot day we chose a nice cold beer! It’s not hard to see why this place is a bustling place; the food is great, the staff friendly and the beer cold! We shared our usual giggles and stories and decided it was time to go check in! 

 This time I had made the arrangements for the trip so I reserved us a room at the Bayfield Inn. They have these great family suites, which have a queen bed on the main floor and two double beds up in the loft. We always share the expenses so the cost of the room ended up being economical to us. The staff here were more than accommodating as we had brought our box set of “Sex in the City” only to find no DVD player in the room, and they got us one hooked up in no time! Now we were ready for our all night marathon of one of our all time favorite shows, get out the snacks, drinks and Scrabble and let’s go!

 A weekend getaway would not be complete without our usual Sunday morning breakfast! Over coffee and eggs we planned out our strategy for the Grand Bend flea market!!

Ladies, I hope that this story inspires you to call a friend or three and plan yourself a get-away! It can be a day trip to Sparta, or a weekend trip to the Wine Country or a week-long vacay somewhere warm, wherever you go, I wish you fun and happiness!

Sweet Marie




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