My Sweet Marie

Big News!!!!

Posted on: April 1, 2011

I have a big announcement to make….are you ready? Denis and I are going to have a baby! I know this may come as a shock to many of you but yes, we’re tickled pink…or blue! We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl but either way, its great news isn’t it?

We have so much to do, make a nursery, shop for all those baby things….Heidi,Holly and Blake will have a new aunt or uncle! How funny is that? Christmas is going to be wild for sure!! I know it’s a bit late in life to add to the family but when these things happen, well you just have to go with it!!

So right about now you’re thinking, has she lost her mind? The answer is no I have not! But I would like to remind you to check the date at the top of the page….April 1st….APRIL FOOLS! Gotcha didn’t I? I was going to drag it out a bit longer but I just couldn’t do it any longer! Of course I am not pregnant! I hope Denis is not having a stroke right now! Gotcha Den!

Last year on April fools day, my dear sweet husband wrapped an elastic band around the kitchen hose so when I went to fill the kettle with water I got myself a shower. Nice way to wake up in the morning eh? A few years before that, he and Melanie wrapped the toilet with saran wrap first thing in the morning! Ever have to stop mid stream first thing in the morning, that’s just not nice! Ok so that was the year after I made him a very nice sandwich for his lunch, lettuce,pickles, cheese, the whole shebang (he should have known then), and when he took his first bite, he bit into the plastic wrap still on the cheese…now that was funny!

I hope you get to trick a few people today, it’s all in fun and today is the only day where you totally can get away with it! So go for it! If you really are in need of ideas, look up funny tricks on google, you’d be surprised at how many you’ll find! 

Happy April’s Fools Day to you all!

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


2 Responses to "Big News!!!!"

your a little bit of a shithead sweetmarie had me almost gasping for air at the thought of you giving birth at 50,good one

I can’t believe that 50 people have read this and you are the 1st to comment!! I had fun with it, was going to go on for even longer but thought I’d give you all a break!! happy april fools!

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