My Sweet Marie

He’s Baaaaack!

Posted on: March 27, 2011

You may have noticed from some of my postings this past week that Denis was out-of-town all week! You don’t realize how much you need or appreciate someone until they’re away from you for a bit! What’s the saying…absence makes the heart grow fonder? How true!

Denis was in the capital city for the whole week with all this election, political crap going on! Lucky him…NOT!  We are a couple that spends a lot of our time together. Although we spend our days apart, most evenings we walk together, play wii, play cards, scrabble or watch a favourite show together! It’s a nice life if you don’t mind each other’s company! I happen to really enjoy my hubby’s company! So, for me this week, my days were busy but I found the evenings so quiet and boring, sure did miss him! We did skype almost every night and thank God for that, but it doesn’t make up for in person company does it?

As a little girl, I remember being terrified some nights when we lived above the tavern. It was scary as there were so many noises in the dark. We had the occasional break-in and that just made it worse for me. I carry this fear to this day. When the lights go down and I am by myself, I start to hear all those noises again and I start to fret! Even though we recently had an alarm system installed, I still worry!  But alas, Denis is home and last night I had a good night’s sleep! Man that is nice!

So, if you have a nice relationship with your mate or partner, show your appreciation today, don’t wait till they’re away! I know I will more often now!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine


4 Responses to "He’s Baaaaack!"

deb and I are sitting here holding each others hand as we read your blog together thinking how lucky we are that we can still sleep better when the other is not there .LOL worry less live more

That is hilarious!! I actually asked him to leave his skype on one night so that I could hear him sleep, but the computer went to sleep first!!
glad you’re holding hands tho!

So relate to this. Even though Paul is away for weeks and months at a time with his job in the military I don’t get a sound sleep until he is home. After 36 years you would think I would be used to it. Great job AM enjoyed your site and going to try some of the receipes.

Thanks Lynda, glad I’m not the only one!!

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