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Want To Know What I Think?

Posted on: March 26, 2011

Today’s headlines in London are all about Tim Best getting 6 months in jail for drunk driving. Two years ago, that’s right, it’s been in the courts for 2 years, Tim Best, husband of  then mayor Anne-Marie Decicco, drove on the 401 drunk, hit a car on the 401, got off the highway and into a Tim Horton’s parking lot, only to hit another car pulling out. Both times he hit these cars, he drove away without so much as a look behind him! When the OPP finally caught up with him, thanks to civilian intervention, he dumped his truck and ran. Does this sound like an innocent man to you?

Tim claims that he did not know he hit any of these cars, that he drank half a bottle of vodka after he parked his car and he ran because he was thinking of his wife. When the police finally caught up with him, wasn’t too hard, they followed his footsteps in the snow, he asked them to call the police chief of London! he said “I am the mayor’s husband, call the police chief of London!” Oh there’s a good way to get the conversation going. He said it so many times that the officer actually taped him on her cell phone! Not a dumb cop there!

So after all this time, the judge has given Tim best 6 months in jail. Do you think this is fair? According to the law it is fair but in my opinion, if that matters to anyone, it’s a bit short on time. I do think though, if he stays in the the full 6 months, it will seem longer to him!

The thing about all of this that annoys me, is Tim best is the owner of a restaurant/pub here in London. He is placed with the responsibility of serving customers responsibly, to be sure we don’t have drunk drivers out on the streets and what does he do? Go out on the 401 drunk! Not smart for one thing. Now his employees will likely lose their jobs as he is sure to lose his licence once the LLBO gets on this case, which they surely will soon enough.

Life is a fragile thing, I hope that people can learn from Tim Best’s story. I don’t want people to drive safe because they will go to jail if they get caught. I want people to drive safe so other people don’t get killed for their selfishness. We are lucky in this story that only cars got damaged, no deaths. That was a little bit of luck, and perhaps a bit of God’s help in there too.

Drive safe people!

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


2 Responses to "Want To Know What I Think?"

he deserves the same treatment as anyone in the same situation regardless of what position he held, and sadly problably guessing he did not get therapy for his addiction,and behavior.

His wife was the mayor, not him! He had no position other than owning a restaurant, which is worse! he shouldbe even more cautious than the average guy as he should lead by example in my eyes!

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