My Sweet Marie


Posted on: March 22, 2011

Well, here we go again! Spring finally arrived but noooo mother nature is having another hot flash and she needs cooling down! Dang her anyways, hasn’t she heard of fans? As of right now it is snowing out there, we are to get 10-15 cm…just enough to need shovelling!! Then to make matters that much better, we will have freezing rain…yipee!

Today when the kids and I were on our way back from the gym, the radio announcer said it was 3 degrees out and Heidi pipes up and says, what did she say Meme? Did she say it is 3 degrees outside? I said Yes Honey, that’s right. Heidi who is 3 going on 20, says “Well that’s Crazy!” You gotta love it when a kid that young gets how crazy it is to be 3 degrees end of March! I’m with her!

So, we’ll see what the morningĀ brings. I planned on going to Strathroy to visit my other grand-daughter, Miss Holly, and her Mom Melanie! We had plans of a lunch and tea party…may not be saving the world but still important to me! I don’t drive on the highway in bad weather anymore since the big accident 6 years ago! It was a doozy and it scared me senseless! Or it scared sense into me! trust me, you bounce off a semi going 140 KM and work doesn’t seem so important anymore!

Please people, be safe. don’t drive anywhere unless you absolutely must. Are you doctor saving a life? No, then stay home!!

Do take care,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling fine!


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