My Sweet Marie


Posted on: March 19, 2011

Last night I had a few girls over, you know what that means don’t you? That’s right…nibbles and giggles!! We had some of my famous spaceship popsicle martinis, I will post that recipe shortly and when we ran out of those, we moved on to the cosmos!(Or my version of a cosmo!) I made the shrimp ceviche, humus, veggies and Karen brought a great appie that I will also post the recipe for.  It’s not about the food or the drinks but they do help to get the party started don’t they? Music and candles help too to set the mood! We shared quite a few stories, maybe a few too many for Karen!! Geri-Kay and I have known each other for a long time so some of the stories were re-runs for both of us but always worth re-telling!! I love those recycled stories that always garner a laugh or a shocked expression!! Those are the best.

I am a firm believer in girlfriends!  All of my life I have been pursuing friendships with many women. Some of these relationships have blossomed, some have waned. That’s the way of life but when times are tough, you know who the real friends are, don’t you? Some women you only see every few years and when you do see each other, you can pick up where you left off like no time has passed. I love that.

Some friends you talk with once a week to ‘check in’ and make sure they’re ok or them to make sure you’re ok. You don’t ever keep track of who called last or if it’s their ‘turn’…because if you’re keeping track than likely you’re not a girlfriend. sometimes you say you’re calling to check on them but really it’s you who needs to talk and a real girlfriend always knows when that is!

I’ve been thinking that for my 50th, which is only 10.5 months away,  I’d like to plan a party with ALL of my girlfriends! That would include my neighborhood girlfriends, my foodie friends, my FF friends, my girlhood friends from Stoney Point, the Ya-ya’s of course, my work friends from over the years and let’s not forget my sisters and daughters too! That would be a lot of nibbles and a lot of giggles for sure! I’ve never had them all in one room at one time..can you imagine the estrogen in that room? I think I better get planning..what do you say ladies…should we?

We’ll see what kind of comments I get on this one!!

Have you called an old friend lately? Here’s a quote I’d like to end with:

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true
friends will leave footprints in your heart.  ANON

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine


2 Responses to "Girlfriends…."

glad you had a good time MARIE, sounds like fun………thanks for sharing
good friends are hard to find,keep them close to your heart

Yes will keep them close!

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