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Gas Prices Be Damned!

Posted on: March 13, 2011

If someone reading this blog has a friend, family member, or neighbor that works for a large gas company like Shell, Petro Canada or Esso or any other, please pass them my link and maybe they can read it, and explain something to me!

 We just got back from Stoney Point, a small town about 175 kilometers west of London. When we left London the gas was $1.22 per liter. London is a fairly large city, not Toronto but big enough to have many gas stations where there’d be lots of competition, you’d think we’d have a better price for gas, right? We are situated close to Sarnia so the gas wouldn’t have to travel far, so it should be cheaper right? WRONG!

The gas in Tilbury was $1.09 per liter, that’s a 13 cent difference, not 1 or 2 cents but 13 cents difference! Somebody please explain to me how a small, very small town can afford to offer gas at such a cheap price and we are getting GOUGED in London! What is the deal?

I know someone is going to comment and say that the world issues, like Japan, Egypt and Libya are causing the oil price to go up, right? Is that what the answer is? Well, first of all, in Canada we supply all of our own gas! We don’t need to get it throughout the world! And, and this is a big if , if that were true, then why are the prices not up in Tilbury? Because we’re being GOUGED in London, that’s why!!

I know I can’t explain it, so I beg anyone and everyone to please write me your comments. I promise to approve all of them as long as there is no profanity. they don’t get posted till I approve them. So write a comment and vent your feelings like I did! I am sick and tired of paying a higher price for a product that is supposedly regulated by our government!

Somebody’s got some splaining to do,Lucy!

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


5 Responses to "Gas Prices Be Damned!"

hey marie,it’s gouged not gauged LOL the reason I can spell it so well is because we are constantly seeing gouging in groceries, insurance taxes fuel and on and on .Fuel prices in tilbury have stayed around 1.09.9for the past two weeks since the libyan crisis.Apparently the town of tilbury doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what happpens halfway across the world good for them. I’ve decided to drive there and support the local economy by buying my fuel there and perhaps my groceries and even my insurance.One other thing canada is the second largest producer of oil and we are obliged by law to sell 100% of it to our good neighbors the USA check it out if you think I;m wrong.Keep up the good work there is a no buy gasoline day coming up in april I’ll send you the link

Thanks for the comments and the spelling lesson! I will change that now!! OOOPS!

I am staying around home this year while vacationing,with gas and lodging & food to boot it is cheaper to fly to Mexico for a week, I think people should consider researching what is going on around their communities, we have all kinds of festivals I haven’t attended,think this summer that will be the deal,have a good day and thanks for sharing sweetmarie!!

another price increase today 1.36 with oil company profits at 41%how can this be anything but criminal.

I know what ticks me off is in tilbury today is $1.21!! Go for a ride buddy!

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