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Japan- You’re All In My Thoughts!

Posted on: March 12, 2011

I can’t help but be pulled in to the Japan Earthquake story. I see the images on TV and on the internet and I cannot pull myself away. I want to be there to help, I picture myself holding the small children crying for their Mamas, making soup for the hungry, nursing the injured even though the sight of blood scares me half to death! A nurse I am not! It is unfathomable the damage, the towns lost, they still have no idea the extent of the missing. It’s so tragic.

Now they are dealing with Nuclear explosions, like the earthquake and a tsunami weren’t enough. The good news is that it was not a reactor that blew up but an outer building, gee isn’t that a relief? They have evacuated people for many kilometers with the hopes that not too many have been exposed but some have. They say only 15 people have been exposed but how do we know so soon? And what of them? Will we ever really know?

I thank God for my safety, for the safety of my family. Our daughter Melanie has a friend in Vancouver, BC and I called her at 9a.m. and said we should call Sarah, she won’t be up yet and she needs to know!! So, like a good friend Melanie called Sarah and woke her of course, it was only 6 a.m. there…she said yeah, thanks for the heads up and I suspect she went back to sleep! I guess we were a bit ahead of the game, maybe a bit hyped by the news as the wave never really did hit BC, now did it? Good thing we gave her that heads up…sorry Sarah! At least she was informed!

Tonight when your head hits that pillow, join me in a little prayer for the injured, the sad, the homeless, the hungry and orphaned children. Pray they find peace and if possible, happiness.

If you feel the need to help, go to

Sweetest regards,

Sweet Marie


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