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This Week’s Antics WithThe Grand-Kids!

Posted on: March 10, 2011

Never a dull moment around here when the grand-kids are around! I take care of Heidi and Blake twice a week so that Mommy can go to work and I get to have my grand-kids time without her watching! We get down and messy with paints,crafts,  baking and anything else that gets us dirty! I’ve got the laundry to prove it and so does Melissa!

The other day Heidi asked me why some people have a big belly, as she was sitting in my lap, (good thing I no longer have a complex!). I told her it was to keep me warm in the winter and she said ” Well you must be nice and hot eh Meme?” Gotta love the honesty of kids! We laughed like crazy over that one, even tho she had no idea why she was laughing.  During story time she asked me where Santa lived, I sensed a test so I said well he lives at the North Pole of course. I passed, then she said well then, where does the Tooth Fairy live? BEEEEEEEP……I have no idea, I said well sweetie I’m not sure, she said “Meme, think, just think!” Sheeshh I thought this was supposed to be fun, I didn’t know I’d be tested!

I know we’re not suppose to be sexist and say that boys like trucks and girls like dolls, but it’s true! Blake is such a boy! He tears this house apart, and at 15 months he runs, no walking for him! I keep most doors in the house closed so that he has less space to escape to! He also likes to throw things…anything will do but balls are especially fun! That is if he hasn’t chewed half the ball away!  And he does all of this with a huge smile! Good thing he is sooooo cute!

When we were in a waiting room this week, Blake was roaming around while awaiting his turn. There was a lady in a black faux fur coat, she was pretending to sleep, Blake kept touching her coat and saying Meow.meoeoeow…well, we were all laughing but not the sleeping beauty!

On Monday when Holly was here, we put her down for a nap and when we went to check on her, she had on slippers that she somehow got out of a drawer from her play pen! Note to self, move play pen to middle of room! She was saying “shoes, shoes, shoes”..they do look like shoes! Too cute! I will see her Friday night so I am sure she’ll have a lot more blogging juice for me! Can’t wait!

Well, I think I will go in search of a St.Paddy’s day craft for next week. Bye for now!

Sweetest Regards,

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


1 Response to "This Week’s Antics WithThe Grand-Kids!"

hilarious those little ones and what comes out of their mouths, you are so blessed to the oppurtunity to bw with them,can you imagine working full time and not seeing those sweet children, I would trade spots just for 1 day to be on their company……..thanks for sharing sweet Marie

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