My Sweet Marie

Union Woodshop – Restaurant Review

Posted on: March 8, 2011

On Saturday while in Michigan, my sister Colette took me out to lunch at this great spot! It’s called the Union Woodshop Smoke House and am I ever glad she did take me there! When we walked in for a late lunch 2pm on a Saturday, we figured the place would be dead empty, boy were we wrong! the place was hopping busy with waitresses running all about, people laughing and talking, it looked the The place to be! They asked us how many then handed us a beeper and said that it should be a 20 minute wait.  We asked if she minded if we popped in next door to check out the wares and she said please do, we’ll page you, and they did!

The Union Woodshop is on Main st in Clarkston, small town USA. There are quaint shops nearby to shop or browse in and a nice Sunday drive kind of place. I felt it certainly worth the drive, even though I was already in town to visit my sister! The menu is a real surprise, it has a casual mix of BBQ, American cuisine (think Mac and Cheese) and some southwest tastes as well.  They won Restaurant of the year by the Detroit Free Press for 2011 if that tells you anything! They serve their drinks in mason jars and serve their food on wax paper covered aluminum trays! All very casual and fun!

We perused the menu and when I spotted the catfish on a bun, I was all over that! (Like a fat kid on a smartie!) Normally I like to order something different from my co-diner but we decided to both have the same thing! We did change it up a bit by ordering different sides tho! I got the black beans and rice, Colette got the homemade potato salad! She always was a sucker for a good potato salad!

Our lunches arrived and we were positively salivating! The blackened catfish was served on a garlic toasted hoagie bun, topped with cole slaw and served with tartar sauce but our server recommended two other sauces that were on the table that would work with the sandwich as well. I went with the horseradish mayo and Colette went with the chipotle sauce. They had 6 different sauces on the table that would work with different menu items, a nice touch.

The atmosphere of the place is casual fun. You see the servers interacting with regulars and other staff and know they have a nice place to work in. Having worked in many establishments, I’d say that is a very good thing for those owners to promote!

It is great to see an establishment thriving in this economy! The place was jammed packed and I hope they are doing well and will continue to do so. I want to be able to get there again sometime and try that sweet potato mash! It sounds to die for! They have a combo platter that has ribs, chicken and pulled pork on it that is served on that tray I mentioned,  and that looks awesome…hmmm…maybe another ride out to Clarkston again isn’t such a bad idea!

Bon Appetit!

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


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