My Sweet Marie

The Spirit Of The Fitness Forum

Posted on: March 3, 2011

I may have mentioned before that I work out at the Fitness Forum here in London. I love my morning work out as I usually work out with ladies that are older than me but give me a run for my money! I absolutely love it! Well today as I was walking in the gym I saw Annette, a 70-year-old lady that I work out with, talking to the receptionist. She said she forgot her runners and I asked her what size she wore and she uses the same size as me. I told her I had a spare pair in the car, so off I go to get them. Alas they were not there, I remember now I cleaned out my trunk at Christmas to make room for all the junk when we travelled home! Sorry I said! No problem, Nancy from the front desk found her a pair! So then I walk in the work out room to set up my work out equipment and see Cathy, a late 70’s former dance teacher with a Scottish accent, and she’s in her stocking feet , she also forgot her shoes! I thought what’s up with that?

I head into the locker room to get myself ready for class, dig into my gym bag and find that I, also forgot my shoes!!  I told you I have a memory issue!  Anyhow, Julia, the instructor for our muscle pump class, says here take my shoes! Well, I am not about to take the shoes off the instructor, so I said no way Jose! So, Joan, another class member says here take my shoes I will work out in my street shoes! I said no I can’t do that but they wouldn’t let me work out barefoot as they know I have been struggling with this ankle of mine for months now! So off I go to the class in Joan’s shoes and her in her street shoes and Annette in Nancy’s shoes and Cathy in socks!

So we all worked our muscles and as it turns out we all had a very good work out while working out to the latest hits of Lady Gaga and whoever else is big right now, and we all had a good laugh while doing it! I am very grateful for my time at the Fitness Forum and thought what other gym would you find so many women trying to help everyone out and giving up their shoes? Not likely any other gym! these are the most generous and gracious ladies you will ever meet!

To make my day that much better, Lynn the owner, gave me coupons to take my grand-kids one day so that I can work out and they will play in the day care! I am going to try that on Tuesday, I’ll try not to forget them at home or my shoes!!

What did you do to exercise your body and mind today?

Sweetest regards,


49 and Feeling Fine!


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