My Sweet Marie

Why My Sweet Marie?

Posted on: March 2, 2011

I have been asked a few times lately why I named my blog My Sweet Marie, so here’s the scoop. First I have to give you a bit of a history lesson.

Denis and I were married quite young as most of you know. We moved to Toronto in October 1981 with only 75 bucks to our name! That’s right, move to the big smoke with no money, naiveté isn’t what it used to be! I think it was a real good thing we were so naive and everyone around never said a word! That’s one case of denial paying off in the long run! We likely would never have broken out on our own had someone sat us down and said “how will you pay for all of this?” 

So we rented the cheapest moving van we could find, which of course broke down on the 401! We got there and moved into the worst neighborhood in Toronto, Jane and Finch, all on our own with a one year old baby in tow to boot! I can’t tell you how many trips we made up and down the elevator to get it all in! As my Mum would say, we were poorer than the church mice! What’s funny is that at the time I did not know or care that we were poor! We were happy and excited to be on our own and that’s all that mattered! I found a job within two days and Denis started school. We were off to a good start!

So, a few weeks after our arrival, it was our first anniversary. We had talked about it a lot and had promised each other no gifts as frankly, there was no money for that. We said we have each other and that’s all that matters, which was and is still true. We had an adorable baby girl and we couldn’t be happier! So I bought no card but did manage to put together a nice dinner with the ingredients we had brought with us. Thank God for Mum and her care packages!

In spite of our pact, Denis came home from school with a card, one of those mushy ones, and he had written in it that I was his Sweet Marie and  how happy I make him, you know those sweet words that need to be said now and then? Then he pulled out of his jacket pocket a chocolate bar…a Sweet Marie bar and I know it probably only cost 75 cents or so but I thought it was just a pot of gold! I still well up when I think of it! I thought it was the sweetest thing in the whole world, that he thought I was the Sweet Marie, like he invented the chocolate bar for me, which obviously he did not but still it meant a lot to me at the time and still does.

So you see, Sweet Marie has a huge significance to me and this is why I named my blog this. I’d love to hear your comments on my blog so please do share!

My sweetest regards,


49 and Feeling Fine


8 Responses to "Why My Sweet Marie?"

This is so cute Aunt Marie<3

Oh what a sweet story from such a Sweet Marie!!!! You do very well at speaking your mind.


so who was that cute baby in the story…lol!!

nice story,remember the move all to well and denis is right you are sweet-Marie 🙂

the wseet little babe girl peed all over aunt when she visited,the memory of this and the smell of curry in the elevator still lingers……..

I remember the wet bed and the smell of curry too!

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