My Sweet Marie

Family Day fun without the Fam!

Posted on: February 21, 2011

Well today is Family Day for most people here in Ontario, what did you all do? I look forward to the stories!

My hubby Denis works for the federal government so it’s not a holiday for him, so I went to the gym! I spent the day working out and then came home to clean this house of mine! I have given this house of ours, a lick and a promise for a few weeks and finally fulfilled the promise to get it done right! You know where you actually scrub the tub, not just shine the taps. Or where you actually clean the counters, not just spray Windex in the air so the house smells clean! That’s what I call a lick and a promise! You know, you sweep, put the dishes away, pickup all the dirty socks lying around and the house looks clean, but you know the dirty truth! So because it was freezing outside and my grand-children were all with their Mommies and Daddies having their Family Days, I decided to get right to it!  

At the gym they were offering free work outs for any family member and free family swim all afternoon. It is great o hear of all these deals for Family day! Next year I am going to plan ahead and really have some fun with that or maybe I will just fly off to Mexico where it’s nice and warm! Now that would be a Family Day!

I saw a Dad on a hill with a pile of kids and a few toboggans. Now that looked like a fun way to spend the day! Been there, done that and have eaten lots of snow! Driving by Storybook Gardens I could see many a cars and I figure there are lots of skaters on that neat rink, been there, done that and have weak ankles cause of it….don’t know but I am thinking at least my house is clean!

Well, gonna make the most of Family Day and go play some Wii with Denis. Maybe I’ll kick his butt at bowling again! The other day I bowled a 235! Can you believe that? I can’t! Neither can Denis. I’m going to go and try to do it again! I know I suck at golf, I got 45 over par yesterday! That’s not good right?

Happy Family Day to you all, hope you have fostered good memories for a long time to come!

Sweet Marie

49 and Feeling Fine!


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