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The Marienbad

Posted on: February 13, 2011

Last night my husband Denis and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday.  He took me to my favourite restaurant in London, the Marienbad. I love this place because we have always had great service, shmecking good food and I love the ambience. The Marienbad is housed in an old building dating back to 1854! It once was the home of Josiah Blackburn of the London Free Press. The Marienbad opened their doors in 1974 to bring a taste of Europe to London and they have been doing it beautifully ever since! The dining room is decorated a s I imagine a restaurant would be in Europe, although I’ve not been there! Maybe this is a good thing!

We started our celebration with an African Obikwa Shiraz, it was quite nice and we toasted my birthday while perusing the menu. It’s always a tough choice for me as I love it all on the menu. The liver pate is absolutely the best in the city, even my husband who wouldn’t eat liver if it was the only food on a deserted island, loves this pate. They serve it on thee little rye toast points and it is hard to eat politely and not gobble them up! For appetizers, I decided on the calamari, another fave of mine and Denis, yes he got the pate.  Yes, it was as good as memory serves!

For dinner, I decided on the veal schnitzel. It is breaded and stuffed with swiss cheese and ham, oh my, so lovely! Denis went with the Jager schnitzel, which is a pork schnitzel covered in a mushroom and brandy sauce! It was wonderful too, I snagged a bite or two! Come on, it was my birthday!! I have been using that line all weekend!

We have in the past had the sausage platter, the Marienbad platter is something to behold as well. It has 5 meats on it, and really a great taste of the entire menu. It has wiener schnitzel, rouladen, ham, sausage and roast pork! It really is fairly big and if you had appetizers probably big enough to share! But a hungry man can put it away! All the meals come with fresh veggies and either potatoes or rice or dumplings.

Hard to believe but we did have room for dessert when our waitress came by. Dinner had been served casually and not rushed, so by the time it came for dessert, I thought I could squeeze one in! So both Denis and I decided on the apple strudel which is made in-house and is served with vanilla ice cream. I shared my ice cream with Denis as I have an allergy to milk but it sure sounded good with all the hmms coming from across the table! To go with my strudel I decided on a decaf Spanish coffee, good call! It was hot, not too pungent with alcohol and I did not scrape off the fresh whipped cream and enjoyed every sip of it. Damn the allergies for one little minute! When I make these at home I use a non-dairy whipped topping but I have to say, the real thing is much tastier! Denis was DD so he had a plain coffee.

So I’ll bet you’re thinking we must have spent a fortune. Well, considering white table-cloth dining, excellent service by a very busy young lady, wonderful atmosphere, presentation on all courses including the drinks was superb, not really expensive at all. We each had an appetizer, an entrée, a carafe of wine, each dessert and a specialty coffee for $95. Really i don’t find that unreasonable.

I hope next time you are planning a dinner out, you will consider the Marienbad if you have not been out in a while, you should go! If you’re not from London, take a trip out and go, you will be glad you did!

You can reach the Marienbad online at They have a fantastic website, go and visit it!


Sweet Marie


8 Responses to "The Marienbad"

I love the Marienbad! Two of my favourite dishes are the Chicken Paprikash and the Steak Tartar… in fact this is the only place in London where I can find Steak Tartar.

I know it’s so awesome! I must try the chicken paprikash next time!

I’ll have to come & visit London jsut to try that steak tartar,I envision you celebrating with your family & the little ones getting their pj’s on, they are dolls for sure,thanks for sharing the recipes….keep it going sweetmarie

Linda and I spent 5 years in Europe, (Germany) and travelled extensively while there. The food and wine in Germany was outstanding, as our pocketbook and waistline could attest. Since returning to Canada in 1975, we have tried several German style restaurants in various spots in Canada and found the Marienbad as close to authentic German food as you could get. One of the techs I worked with (of German parents), and I, would frequently go to lunch at the Marienbad to dine on their Goulash soup and rye bread…Outstanding.

Thanks Al… we do love that place! Thanks for checking in on the blog too!

Thanks for the information on restaurants in London! I’ve been going there for years and knew nothing of them. Cannot wait for my next visits to try them. Oh what a fine treat. My men will think they’re in heaven.

glad to hear it. Hopefully I will have more soon too!

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