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Restaurant Review-London Tokyo Sushi

Posted on: February 11, 2011

Today I happened upon a new sushi place for lunch. I was between appointments and didn’t have time to get home for a bite and thought hmmm…I’ll check this new place out. It’s in a strip plaza and I was expecting one of those counters where you pick a few items and ta-da there’s a quick lunch, and then you sit at a bar stool watching traffic go by. You know which places I am talking about, right? Well, what a surprise when I walked in! The place was newly decorated in a tasteful oriental style with peaceful music in the background and  quite a lot of seating space ! Who knew? So I decided to sit down and have a look at the menu! With tablecloths and this decor, it must be expensive right? Wrong!

I ordered what they called the lunchbox special, it had california roll, Tempura shrimp and veggies, Gyoza, which is a Japanese dumpling and fruit. This also came with miso soup, green tea and salad! The tea was lovely, a green tea with some kind of variation, I liked it a lot! The miso soup was delicious, hot and steamy with mushrooms and green onions freshly sprinkled on top of it ! The lunch box arrived next,  it was a lovely tray with all these compartments and in it was the salad, a delicious green salad with this tangy orange dressing, the california roll, the tempura with a dipping sauce and the Goyza dumplings! Wow, what a great lunch, and let’s not forget the oranges too! All this for $9.99. I thought this to be a very reasonable lunch.

The service was very good when I first got there but then a crowd came  in, and the my waitress got a bit too busy! That’s ok, still great food and even tho I would have had another cup of tea,  just to relax, I did appreciate the warm space with the wonderful atmosphere! The other thing I really liked about this place, was the chef  actually had a shirt and tie on under his impeccably white chef jacket! You will never see this in a Canadian restaurant, I can promise you that!

The bathrooms were clean and had hot water which is very important , especially during the flu season! So thank you for that!

So, overall I would give this restaurant 4 out 5 stars. They have a wonderful space and I hope they are frequented often so that they can stay in business. The restaurant industry is very tough and you need to be busy to make ends meet. Please go out and support this great place! 

You will find London Tokyo Sushi at 60 Hyde Park Rd, In London, Ontario. They do have delivery within a certain area, which I happen to live in, hooray!  if you’d like to reach them you can at 519-471-8478 or they do have e-mail at

Good luck to Tokyo Sushi, I hope you are around for a long time to come!

Sweet Marie


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