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Hello World!

Posted on: February 8, 2011

Hello world, this is the first post of my new blog! I hope that you will find it interesting or at the least, fun!

On Friday the 11th, I will turn 49, that means that I have lived 49 years and will start my 50th year on Friday! How can this be? It was only yesterday that I was the annoying snot nosed kid bugging the heck out of my older brothers and sisters! What I plan to write about are all the things that women at this very special age experience in life; health, children, work, menopause, girlfriends, husbands, grand-children and all of the ups and downs that come with these very special packages.

I also plan on doing restaurant reviews as part of this blog. One of my loves in life is food! I grew up in a restaurant in the Southwestern Ontario village called Stoney Point. You may or may not be familiar with the Stoney Point Tavern, this is the restaurant I grew up in. Some of you are saying you didn’t grow up in the  restaurant did you? Well, I sort of did! We lived above the restaurant and my parents both worked in the restaurant so we were often in there getting help with homework or grabbing a snack or just plain wanting to spend time with Mom or Dad.  I digress, so you see I have been in the food business a long time and have done most jobs in a restaurant from the lower echelon and up. I have done food sales to restaurants and have seen restaurants all over Ontario. So I have become somewhat of a critic when it comes to dining out. I will not likely do any chain or fast food  reviews. I prefer family owned and operated places  for dining. Some days I feel like fancy, and some days not so much.  We don’t dine out very often as I do love to cook, but I do like to be treated to dinner every now and then! So you can look for those in the near future.

If I discuss anything that I’ve cooked, I will also create a recipe for you. If I forget, don’t be shy, ask away! Most of the occasions that I host revolve around the food so you can look forward to some traditional recipes and perhaps some you wouldn’t expect!

Right now I am headed out to the gym to take care of that health category I spoke of earlier and you should expect stories from there too! Sometimes I think we are where we are for a reason. Today I am taking a later class than usual….maybe there’s a reason….or maybe I was just lazy and couldn’t get my butt out of bed this morning!

Bye all, please leave comments and or questions!

Sweet Marie


10 Responses to "Hello World!"

Good for you! Look forward to future blogs. By the way I have a bottle of wine (or two or three 🙂 ) with your name on it in Florida here for your birthday? Let us know when you get too cold for the north. I am personally keeping busy, looking for a golden lab for a service dog and a Handcycle coach. Found both now I just have to be accepted for both. Stay warm sweetie and keep on blogging. Love ya!

Mary Ann

Can I be your service dog, I’m blond? I do love Florida or I would if I ever got there I am sure…I could blog from there….think of the stories I’d come up with!

Great blog AM, I am looking forward to those recipes and reading about your antics.

As soon as you get a few up here I willl post it on FB for you too.

Way to go……..I am so excited for you!

thanks Pennie, you’re a great friend!

I look forward to all your musings.

hey marie, what a great idea, so glad to see you doing something with your writing talent. I can’t say how proud I am to say my baby sister is turning fiifty and celebrating this by sharing life’s experiences with those interested in a perspective that they may not see.Don’t forget to include those poor souls that also experience their mothers,wives,sisters or daughter turning fifty namely the males in all of your lives,they also feel the pain. love ya AQ

Will never forget the boys in my life, no worries!

Hi AM – this is great! Good for you! Writing, Food, Sharing & Fifty to boot?! The Power of Women!! You go girl!!


Good job Mom! You’re off to a good start!

i like the pee bottle story…next time ask the receptionist to put it in a paper bag, they must have run out…they gave me one last time i was there!

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